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Presenting Strategic Planning Results to Members
by Bob Bodman

One of the biggest challenges in Club Strategic Planning is communicating the Strategic Plan to the members, whether it is an interim progress report or the final plan. Club Resources uses a progressive approach as follows:

1. Discovery Phase (Gather facts, conduct research and studies, compile results and analysis). Included in this phase: Focus groups, member survey, committee studies, SWOT, Best Practices Self Evaluation, Capital Reserve Study, 5-Year Proforma and Sensitive Model, Bylaws Review, Comparative Club Study, Membership Trends and Projections, Financial Trends and Projections, and more.

2. Pre-Retreat Workbook. - A compilation of all of the study data and summaries. 

3. Summary Presentation of the Discovery work to Board prior to or during the Planning Retreat.

4. Board Planning Retreat - Review Discovery Results in detail. Identify Critical Issues, Determine Strategic Priorities, Mission, Vision and Core Values; Set Action Plan Items; Assign Tasks, Milestones and Timetables.

5. Draft Strategic Plan Instructions and Committee Staff Workshops - Board provides the agreed upon structure and instructions (including Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Objectives) to the Staff and Committees. Workshop phase is where the "Draft Strategic Plan is Developed."

6. Progress Report to Members - At this point, it is important to bring members up to speed and to obtain feedback, before presenting a final plan. Use member feedback and reaction to the Draft Plan to edit the plan and complete the "Workshop" phase.

Club Resources develops a "Progress Report (powerpoint) presentation and delivers it in "Town Hall Meeting" format. For those members who might not be able to attend, the presentation is recorded and hosted on the club's website.

Sample of the Introduction and Overview portion of a Strategic Plan Presentation that is available. Click Here

Sample of the Strategic Planning Perspective portion of a Strategic Plan Presentation. Click Here

Sample of the Strategic Planning Process portion of a Strategic Plan Presentation. Cli

Sample of a Draft Strategic Plan

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