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Strategic Membership Planning 
by Bob Bodman

Private clubs face a serious challenges -- To plan for these challenges it is best to develop a Strategic Membership Plan --  This is not necessarily and easy step to take, because it is complex and it must play out over a longer term, it is not easy to develop and it can be even harder to sustain. It is, however, a good choice, because the club can become less reactive, and to remain grounded to its core values and purposes. 

True, it may be a path of chaotic drudgery in the early stages, requires intensive introspection, extensive research and legendary Board Room debates. It would be a good time to reflect and remember that private clubs have weathered through world wars, two pandemics, the Great Depression, numerous recessions, devastating fires, droughts, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and a multitude of a multitude of other crisis for more than two centuries. This is credible evidence that "strategically" investing in the long term is a good choice.

Strategic Membership Planning...
As stated, this choice is perhaps a more difficult road to travel in the beginning. It is like the beginning of a court case, discovering pertinent facts and assessing decisions, motivations and conditions. Added to this comprehensive research on club comparisons, members’ ideas and concerns, membership history and trends, financial history and trends, usage trends, results of previous membership and marketing efforts and many other research input.

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